The hidden face of the Caribbean

Far from the touristic “clichés”, this is Caybay, located on the south of the island of St Maarten in the Caribbean. On the left you can see the entrance of the “Seaside Nature Park”, a protected area of the Dutch side, with its local restaurant and horse riding. Then you have the power and desalination plants that supply the Dutch side of the island. The tanker brings regularly the gas-oil required for the functioning of the factories. There reigns a deafening sound environment with a strong odor. This unfortunately explains why most of the houses in the area are belonging to members of the Haitian minority. Some houses of “St Maartenner” are present but especially at the entrance of Caybay, more distant of the factories, or more in height.

4 thoughts on “The hidden face of the Caribbean

    1. Philippe Castagna

      Hi Mike, thank you for leaving a nice comment on my brand new website. I hear your remark about the viewing size of the images and will see what could be done to improve this point. No, St Maarten/Saint Martin is not a dangerous place. But for sure delinquency exist all over the world and you need to respect some common sense attitude when travelling. Will update my website on a regular basis with stories behind images and also some reviews and workflows. Hope that you will put it in favorite to continue to visit it 😉 Have a great day. Cheers Philippe


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