Born in France in the early 60′, and after several trip and experiences, I lived in the caribbean in between 2000 and 2018 (more on this more far in the text). I’m a former sound engineer, during more than 20 years in Europe and in the caribbean. Then I worked in the télécommunications industry during 14 years.

Photography has always had an important place in my life. I worked as a reporter and a wedding photographer several times during my professional career. Photography has allowed me to become a witness and capture some of life’s most beautiful moments. 

However, simple things does’t exist. Our island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten was dramatically devastated by the hurricane Irma on September 2017.
Due to the situation, my family left to France right after the disaster and I joined them end of January 2018.

This year 2018 was really challenging for the entire family, a new start. We finally decided to stay in France, primarily for the studies of the children.
But I can say that everybody was strong and focused on building something new and , hopefully even better than before. 

This site is a way for me to share my vision of life, my experiences, my discovering.
So please stay tuned for new post and never hesitate to comment and like!!