My name is Philippe Castagna and I have lived in the Caribbean since 2000. I was a sound engineer for the past 25 years in Europe, and now I’m working in the communications industry for the last 12 years. Photography has always had an important place in my life. I worked as a reporter and a wedding photographer several times during my professional career. Now, photography has allowed me to become a witness and capture some of life’s most beautiful moments. From a sunset to a little flower, from family members to a social event, from a magical canyon to a little street in a city; the indistinguishable similarity between all of these is that there is always a story behind an image. Allow me to share some stories with you…

PHC avatar Sentry Hill

Photo Sandrine Wathey


  • Canon eos 6D


  • Canon ef 35mm f/2 IS
  • Canon ef 135mm f/2 L


  • Lee filters Foundation Kit
  • Lee Filters 105mm Polariser
  • Lee Filters Neutral Density Graduated Set
  • Lee Filters Little Stopper
  • B+W Polariser Filters
  • Induro Carbon tripod CT113
  • Induro low-profile Ball Head BHL1
  • Billingham Hadley Pro
  • Lowepro Protactic 350aw